Digital Therapeutics

A new category of medicine

This is our belief to develop digital therapeutics

Digital therapeutics is SaMD(Software as a Medical Device) that employs high quality software to treat patients

A leading Innovative Technology

Suitable for mobile environment

Continuous treatment and patient monitoring with simultaneous mass distributions are all possible regardless of location and time unlike conventional therapies

Effective adjuvant therapy

Maximize the effectiveness of treatment along with existing therapies and further provide an opportunity to go beyond the traditional options

Personalized treatment based on big data

Offer prescribed digital therapeutics and diagnostic programs driven by AI algorithm

Core Competencies


Our analysts differentiate development strategy by focusing on medical unmet needs

R & D

Our physicians and scientists research and develop evidence-based solutions

SW Development

Our team develops captivating programs in compliance with industry regulations and standards

Clinical Validation

Our priority is to prove its efficacy and safety in collaboration with top notch institutions

BIXINK strives to be a pioneer in developing Korea's first FDA-approved digital therapeutics, and is currently pursuing pilot study in the United States

Product Pipeline

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