"Company leading a new treatment 
paradigm for a healthier life"


Begins a new generation of technology via converging information technology and biotechnology


BIXINK, a bio pharmaceutical company, 
creates a new treatment paradigm with creativity and innovation

Global drug market has been growing around synthetic chemicals, and is now accelerating its development through a variety of advanced technologies. We, therefore, aim to become a company that is the source of a healthier life through convergence of technologies encompassing the generations. By the transdisciplinary of Information Technology and Biotechnology, BIXINK will fulfill its social responsibility and strive to become an innovative pharmaceutical company going beyond Korea. 


We look forward to your continued encouragement and support for our creative pursuit.

Our People

Our people is core value of the company to move forward in the pharmaceutical industry. 

It brings our business to the top in the sector by focusing on high quality of work.

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